Origins Of Kickboxing

Like every good sport kickboxing had a beginning. While the history of kickboxing and how it first got started is not known by many people it is a sport that many recognize and seek to become the best at. Throughout the years the popularity for the sport has increased and many find themselves learning it not only for fun and self defense – but also as a way to play professionally.

Kickboxing was created as a sport that would be able to compete with Muay Thai. The Japanese boxer promoter – Osamu Noguchi first introduced this form of fighting to his fellow countrymen where it first became popular. However, it was not until the 1970’s that this competitive sport made its way to the United States.

It got its big break in the U.S. when many of the martial arts school became irritated by the many requirement and regulations that were placed on the different competitions by the sanctioning bodies. These restrictions greatly reduced the style of fighting and contact that the fighters were allowed.

When kickboxing became well known the high risk of injury that it presented was a big concern for many. In order to reduce this risk there were all new safety rules and protective gear that were created. Because this sport is fairly new compared to many of the others the rules are constantly being modified and improved upon.

Professional kickboxing competitions allows competitors to use punches, kicks, shadow boxing, wood breaking, and kick blocks. Some of the biggest names and the first fighters in kickboxing were Benny Uruidez, Jeff Smith, Joe Lewis, and Bill Wallace. These fighters became kickboxing legends with their style and expertise of fighting and were even able to take on some of the top names in Japan.

Thanks to these creative fighters and martial arts schools kickboxing is now one of the most popular martial art sports in the United States. Hundreds of children and their families are able to learn this art of self defense and have competed in many competitions around the country.