Extra Protection

There are other forms of protection that someone who is training in kickboxing needs to have. While kickboxing gloves are the most important they are not the only necessary thing. There are many other types of gear that you will need to bring with you.

Hand Wraps

Gloves are not the only things that can help to protect your hands. Hand wraps are placed underneath the gloves and offer extra protection. They are made to wrap around the entire hand and help to absorb some of the impact from the punch.

Fight Apparel

What you wear is very important to how you fight and how well you are able to move around. It would not be wise to wear sweat pants that are too baggy and could get in your way while trying to dodge blows and throw a few kicks. Nor would it be wise to wear something that is extremely tight on you.

Instead you can purchase special fighter shorts in your size that will stay on securely – but not too tight. They allow you to move around with ease and allow your body to breathe while fighting. You can also purchase special fighter t-shirts that will fit perfectly to your skin. The best kind of these to get are the ones that are able to absorb the sweat. This keeps your body dry and you cooled off during the fight.

Kickboxing Boots

Just like your hands need protection so do your feet. There are special kickboxing boots that fit snugly over your feet and add protection to the top of them. The bottom of the feet remain bare so as to give the fighter the foothold that they need while sparring or training. However, the tops of the feet has special padding that help to absorb the shock from a kick.